Sep. 8th, 2011

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 1) Give me a pairing.

2) Give me an AU setting.

3) I will write you a three-sentence fic.


Ran out of my room at half five in the mormning in hysterical tears. Now I am not usually that much of an overly emotional person. But FFFFFFFF. I woke up, hearing a scratching noise in my room. I thought it was my dog. Looked doen at the floor  (I have a bunk bed for space) door closed, no dog. Got creeped out, thought there were rats in my room, so I get down the ladder with my phone light on. Nothing. I turn around and there is a spider the size of my palm with legs thicker than matchsticks on the wall NEXT TO MY BED WHERE I HAD JUST BEEN. It was so big it made scratching noises as it scuttled. Burst out of my room in tears, scaring the daylights out of my dad who was up for work.

Hate spiders. Urggghh.

also, I sense I will be teased about this until I go back to uni. Also, also, may sleep in the spare room.


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