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Hi guys! As promised here is my Norse/Ancient/alchemy circle for the Ffvii/fma story I’m currently writing, tentatively titled ‘A dream in the deep’ – subject to change. Strongly. And I think an explanation to go with it would probably be helpful as well! I drew this circle myself and it took a while, even if it isn’t perfect.

Okay, first off I have replaced all of the alchemical symbols with Norse runes – that correlate to materia. Each rune in a circle will contain that rune and the corresponding materia, to infuse the needed energy to create the desired effect of each rune. The reason why I’ve used such a heavy Norse influence in the circle, as well as in the fic itself, is because FFVII is in itself very influenced by that culture – the names of the cities, the summons, even some of the weapons are all connected. I just threw in a few heavier references than cannon does. Okay, good luck with reading this – if you don’t like worldbuilding you can skip to the fic description at the end.

Right, starting with the top of the outer circle and moving clockwise, our first rune is Kenaz – this is the rune of fire, specifically the fire of life, and also has a meaning of being a beacon. Fire materia is placed here.

Next is Algiz – this rune represents a shield and protection – it also signifies a connection with the Gods and channelling energy. A contain materia goes here to make sure the energy won’t escape the circle, or if anything goes wrong, to contain the energy.

The rune after that is Laguz. This rune represents healing, renewal and the growth of life. Also has links to the unknown and the afterlife. The materia is restore – for restoration of the person or people desired to be returned.

Right, we’re at bottom centre now, and this rune is Isa. This rune represents ice – time to stop and think, and a challenge to overcome. Materia is Ice.

Next along is Uruz – shaping of power, untamed potential and formulation of the self. This materia is time – to reverse or change events that have occurred.

The final rune on the outer circle is Dagaz – representing breakthroughs, clarity of events, the power of your will to transform events and the ideal end. The materia here is transform – to help transform all given elements within the circle to the creators ideal ending.

The text running between the runes is the last stanza of ‘loveless’ – for those of you that don’t know:
“Even if the morrow is barren of promises
Nothing shall forestall my return
To become the dew that quenches the land
To spare the sands, the seas, the skies
I offer thee this silent sacrifice”

The last line I felt was extremely relevant, and as the poem has been considered pretty magical and influential in the compilation I felt it was perfect to include in the circle.

Moving into the circle, the triangle of runes. The centre rune, under Kenaz, is Ansuz – representing the ancestral god – Odin. Also has links to true visions, the power of words and naming. The materia is the summon of Odin – using the power of a captured God.

The next rune to the right is Hagalaz. Represents testing, trial, controlled chaos that leads to completion of a goal or quest. Materia is Death – what the creator hopes to control and conquer.

The last rune is Sowilo – representative of goals achieved, life, power of change and victory. The materia is life – the ultimate goal of the circle.

The text between the triangle of runes (reading clockwise) is more loveless:
“The wandering Soul knows/ no rest. Infinite in mystery /Is the gift of the goddess.”

Almost done. The text in the arches on the right, left and bottom of the circle are, in clockwise order of right to left, more loveless. Within the first arch is written ‘Hero of the dawn.’ This is the reference to Zack in the circle – his recurring theme of heroism linked in well.

In the bottom arch is written ‘beloved of the goddess’ - this is the reference to Sephiroth; the goddess here has duel meanings; firstly of course is Jenova - the false goddess mistaken to be a Cetra power who loved Sephiroth as her son. The second Goddess is Minerva the goddess seen by Zack, Cloud and Genesis. Genesis believed that Sephiroth was the beloved one mentioned in the poem, so both Goddess’ can be said to hypothetically love Sephiroth.

The final arch, on the left, reads ‘healer of worlds.’ This is a reference to Aeris; as a Cetra she is connected strongly to the planet and of course her healer status is evident throughout the compilation,

Final section, phew. The text on the very inside circle is the final line of loveless – also mentioned in the outer circle; ‘I offer thee this silent sacrifice.’ This ties everything together in the circle with the implied understanding of the creator of the circle that there will be a price to pay for the circle to work – something indefinable until the moment it is taken from you. It cannot be weighed, judged or expected by mortal minds – only the power behind the gate knows what will be taken. Also, the intersecting lines within the innermost circles coincide with the symbol of the Norse compass – a depiction of finding ones way, to give the circle another whisper of power.

I promised you a fic blurb if you got through all of that didn’t I? Here goes:

On one side of the gate Cloud Strife has lost those who he has loved the deepest. Using an eclectic mix of Ancient ritual, materia magic and a pinch of alchemy he is trying to open the gate to try and get his best friends back. What he hasn’t considered is that on the other side of the gate a Zack and Sephiroth who have lost their Cloud may be trying the same thing. Pulled into a world that isn’t quite his, can he come to terms with a life that is a mirror image to the one he has been living? Can he develop the bond of friendship that he knew with his friends into something more, a step already taken in their universe? And can they all pay the cost that comes with their reunion?
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