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I hate when you finish a book series and suddenly there is no more - there is a definite end, all tied up, and you're happy for the characters, but they're gone, walking ahead of you without a wave goodbye. You can read the books again, but you know what is to come and they're not with you again, not properly.

Morose. I've just finished the Farseer books by Robin Hobb and they were excellent, but saddening.

Date: 2012-07-13 07:40 am (UTC)
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You know, I was actually thinking through the first paragraph that I felt that way about Fitz and the Farseer books - lo and behold, we're thinking of the same one. <3

Those books are my absolute favourite, and I still struggle to figure out whether I like the Farseer, Liveship or Tawny Man trilogies. I'm still waiting for more of Hobb's work to be so immersive, but I'm afraid I didn't like the Soldier Son trilogy, or her latest Realm of the Elderlings offer (Dragons Keeper, City of Dragons etc).

What did you love the most about those books? /nostalgic

Date: 2012-07-15 07:34 pm (UTC)
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I think I like the Tawny man series a little better, but all are good. Well, excellent.

I loved that Fitz was an idiot sometimes - a lot of books these days have a vonderkind type hero who can do everything. Even if it meant me swearing at Fitz, it really engaged me- like him not being able to deal with the younger generation AT ALL in at least the first book of the TM series. I was also really upset that he never got to meet Chivalry at all - I don't know why but that kind of broke my heart. Loved his reunion with Burrich. ARGH! So much to choose! The only thing I wasn't too keen on was Molly really - or rather the wishy washy was they got together and then back together. I liked Molly as a person, just not in the plot she was put in really. Oddly enough though, I liked the fool/Fitz leave off - it seemed more realistic to me, that they wouldn't stay together forever.

What about you? What were your favourite parts?


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