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I went to a classic car show today and stared at all the cars like creeps stare at people's butts. They were all so beautiful, and about a third of people had popped their hoods so you could see the engine and they polished the engines, which were also beautiful. 
  • I got to sit in a Daimler century conquest roadster 1954 of which only 47 were ever made and the guy owned five of them

  • FIVE.

I love classic cars and I'm filled with manic glee every time I see one or get to sit in one - my best friend owns a morris minor so we visit a lot of classic car shows to perv on. and the people who show their cars are really pleasant and informative - I like cars, but I don't know too much about them, but if I ask they are really happy to explain.


Date: 2012-07-16 04:31 am (UTC)
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You need to get some racing simulator games in your life.
If you have a PlayStation 3, try Gran Turismo 5 (frustrating if you're not online, but superb if you have Wi-Fi).
If you have an XBOX 360, try Forza 4.
PS2: Gran Turismo 4, Accept No Substitutes

Some older cars are absolutely stunning, IMO. Lamborghini Miura/Countach, Toyota 2000 GT, Fiat 500 (original), etc. I'm not a fan of most older muscle cars, though - things like the original Mustang/Camaro are not appealing in my eyes; the only exception is the C2 Corvette, which is bodacious.


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