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 FFXIII = people are given a focus, a task they must complete by godlike beings. The tasked people are given powers and called l'Cie If achieved they then turn to crystal, and have a slight chance of becoming human again. If not they get turned into warped human monsters called  Cie'th. There are also two warring worlds; Pulse and Cocoon 

Thinking about that, what about FFVII? Namely Lucrecia as our focus - she got turned into crystal. 

Imagine, an epic crossover with Lucrecia as the first l'Cie - the beings giving tasks are the Ancients. Lucrecia's task would have been something along the lines of letting Sephiroth be created. Task complete she turns to crystal against her will.

The warring planets would of course be Gaia and Jenova's meteor.

Fast forward to Sephiroth's madness - he gets branded by Jenova who has learnt also to create L'cie, and his focus is to destroy Gaia. However he sees the rows of monsters who have not completed their focus (Mako poisoning = turning into Cie'th) and goes slightly crazy, because he had always assumed Jenova was the voice of his mother, Lucrecia, who was branded by the more acceptable Gaia L'cie creators.

Vincent's long sleep = completed his first focus, reawakened to complete the second of stopping Sephiroth?

Gaia brands all of AVALANCHE as L'Cie to protect herself/ destroy Sephiroth.

Oh, the fun I want to have with this. However, I don't know FFXIII well enough to even consider writing this, and I'm writing Megaflare. Does anyone want to steal this plot bunny?

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  Title: Too late.
Fandom: FFVII
Characters: Lucrecia, Vincent, Hojo
Theme: #73 Science and Technology
Rating: PG
Summary: Lucrecia has her weakest moments when she is a woman, not a scientist.

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The puppeteering of Lucrecia Crescent. (As presented by her homicidal son in the womb).
Title: The puppeteering of Lucrecia Crescent. (As presented by her homicidal son in the womb).
Fandom: FFVII , pre-game
Characters: Lucrecia, Sephiroth
Prompt: #64 - Betrayal
Rating: Changed to R on suggestion - gore.
Summary: In the womb Sephiroth does not know control – he forms with Jenova’s hatred inside of him. Lucrecia just thinks her body is working against her.

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Title: Study: a demon in repose.
Fandom: FFVII , pre-game
Characters: Lucrecia, Vincent, Jenova
Prompt: 63: Pillow Talk
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A few weeks after the above - Vincent knows she isn't Lucrecia anymore, not really. (Lucrecia always called him by name, not station.)

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