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 Title: The first sour taste
foreshadowing, what foreshadowing?
Fandom: FFXII
Characters: The Ronsenburg twins.
Rating: PG
Theme: #88 Food
Words: 200

A/N: I should really put Noah and Basch back in the toybox for the other kiddies to play with. Also, be glad I didn’t put one of the many puns I could have as the title…

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  Title: Undertones
Fandom: FFXII
Characters: Noah, Basch
Prompt: Deafness
Rating: PG
Summary: The Ronsenburg twins fight with what they do not say and what they never meant to imply.

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Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Title: Walls behind walls.
Characters/Pairings: Noah, Bash
Theme: 38 – honour
Word Count: 200.
Rating: PG -13

Closeted behind doors on nights when the dead trail their bone hands around him. Basch lie awake and thinks of walls behind walls behind walls.

The first walls are simple brick; Landis’ speciality. These walls have a dark stain seven bricks up, four from the left, where Noah muttered his first words of rebellion – their father broke Noah’s nose against the brick (retribution.)

As children that was the way things wee, but now as a man within children’s walls Basch flexes his fingers and knows this was wrong.

The second set of walls are iron and he is again imprisoned or a crime not his, but still he takes every blow as atonement for failing to protect his liege. As a breaking man this was right, almost just, but as a spectator years later, this was wrong.

The final set of walls are juddering metal, as the Strahl fights free of aerial debris. He is holding his brother’s encased hands and praying as Gabranth’s head thuds against the paltry pillows, silent, stopped.

As a brother finally, completely, alone, he knows this as wrongness. Lying awake, he thinks, as a man searching for redemption in honour, this may have been right.
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On paper only. [FFXII, Noah, Basch]
Title: On paper only.
Fandom: FFXII
Characters: Basch, Noah
Prompt: #65 - Useless
Rating: PG
Summary: Noah tries to learn fairness – Basch already has it in abandon.

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Title: Truth, untruth (the unmaking of Ffamran)
Fandom: FFXII
Characters: Ffamran.
Prompt: #64 - Betrayal
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The Judges lie, again.
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Title: Our union in partition
Fandom: FFXII
Characters: Noah, Basch, their mother for about .5 of a second
Prompt: 63 - Pillow talk
Rating: PG-13 for really creepy children.
A/N - I sincerely doubt that this is what the prompt meant...

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Title: On bitterly learning the art of mimicry from your twin.
Fandom: FFXII
Characters: Noah, Basch
Prompt: 60:switching_places
Rating: PG-13 for mentions of violence.
A/N: Noah, on taking his brothers blows for him and not noticing that his brother learnt how to run from him.

Landis is full of cool valleys; the land as unlevelled as its people. Noah remembers being fourteen, running from his brother for the first time.

He remembers gathering with youths; drinking heavy red wine, stolen, of course. It stings at chapped and weather worn lips, but Noah says nothing. To drink is to be adult, and to be adult is paramount to being a God, a mastery of all things – of whips, bleeding.

Gabranth has taken blows for his brother too many times – tells himself he has no remorse for what his brother is bleeding now from taking for him.


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