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The living mad girl
Sephiroth, Aeris, Tseng. 
Slight Sephiroth Aeris, if you squint, take LSD and lick a toad.
Summary: Aeris gets hauled in by Tseng. Sephiroth interrupts them and understands little, while Aeris understands too much.

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 Deeply considering writing a short series, FFVII crisis core AU - delinquent!Zack and patient Angeal. I don't know; I just have this mental image of Zack in handcuffs, pickpocketing a SOLDIER'S pocket for the key, while the SOLDIER talks to Angeal, who can barely comprehend Zack's audacity - possible dialogue includes:
A: "Why would you do that?"
Z: "He handcuffed me, and therefore I was annoyed."
A: He annoyed you... so it becomes permissible to rob him?"
Z: " He irritated me, thus all morality is subsequently off, excepting that morality concerning bloodshed. 
A: "I am glad that you wouldn't consider harming him (cutoff)
Z: "He'd have to actually anger me, as oppossed to irritation, to make me bring out his blood, as it were"
A "......"

... why am I writing Zack so he sounds like Tseng? Tseng working as an undercover spy/gang-lord training children to steal and spout airy language at the same instance? ... I really really want to write this. Sigh. Welcome aboard, WIP.


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