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In the Nibel mountains. Fighting some giant green crab insect thing when- FFFFFFF GALIAN BEAST STOP CASTING BEAST THINGY IT IS GIVING IT POWER. How do I get Galian back to Vincent? Maybe I can kill him... better focus on crab thing first though. Aeris, your attack exceeds Cloud's, I am amused.

Win battle, move a nanoinch then random battle! .. Grr.

Out of the mountains, run through forest looking for Yuffie - get attacked by hordes of mushrooms. Er, maybe later when I get another 'all' materia then.

Rocket town, can't find the materia shop. Sigh. Shera points us towards Cid. Talking to Cid he describes the Wutai war as 'meaningless.' Interesting -  thoughts of veteran Cid pop up. Filing that away for later.

Oh my goodness the language! - gleeful at hearing the sit your %%^!ING ASS DOWN AND DRINK YOUR GODAMN TEA! line but I didn't think Square would let there be so much swearing - much enjoyment at the shits and ass' and damns that Cid drops. Also Palmer asked for lard in his tea. I'll just be gagging over here...
Fighting Palmer, then he runs away and gets hit by a truck. That is morality in play for you - cowards get hit by trucks, every time. 
Cutscenes, Cid joins us. Run around forests because I want Yuffie before the temple of the Ancients. Found her! Right...
Yuffie you are too easy. Not even in that way. Also, amused at the fourth wall breaking she does (when the party have gone on ahead she introduces herself directly to the camera.) also the mini out loud baby villain speech. Oh, darling.
Right, I'm going to grind a bit and materia hunt. Join me next time for ...
Liveblogging through FFVII.
(shall I make this a regular thing guys?)
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 SO MUCH RANDOM FLYING STUFF. Sephiroth, why can you levitate? Vincent how does your coffin lid swoop back from across the room to shut you back in again? Also, played though Gongaga and the part with Zack's parents (heartbreak) and I then got attacked by a triceratops on wheels. What were the developers on? Yeesh. 

(ba da ba ba ba - I'm loving it)

Also it is July and hailing. Come on.


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